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Customer service is what sets us apart from the competition.   Helping our clients achieve positive results is of the utmost importance.  At J. Pandur Auction Services, LLC there is more to the process than just selling your items.  We believe in knowing about the people and stories that are woven into the history of the items we sell. 

Horse weathervane sold at auction
Pepsi thermometer sold at auction
Lionel train sold at auction
Estate Settlement


We understand that settling an estate can be an overwhelming task.  Our company can help with all phases of the settlement process. 

  • initial consultation

  • Auction marketing plans

  • Packing and transportation

  • Online, on-site or auction hall sales



Are you a collector of a specific type of item?

We can work closely with you to bring your collection to the auction market.  Using targeted advertising we can find potential buyers with the same collecting passion as you.  Need an expert to help?  Our network of industry professionals can help with authentication and evaluation.  


Not everything in an estate is meant for the auction block.  For non-salable items and refuse we offer removal and disposal services.  We also offer these services to anyone who needs to 'de-clutter'.

  • Careful and efficient removal of items.

  • Responsible disposal.

  • Reasonable rates.

Tractor sold at auction
Real Estate

Do you have a house that is part of an estate?  We can help.

  • Low commissions

  • Marketing plans

  • Open houses

  • Property preparation

  • Title transfer and settlement through our third-party partners


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